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Genesis of the Present Tree Plantation drive

Suprintendent, PWD, Agra filed an Interlocutory Application (IA) no 460/2006 in writ petition no 13381 M.C Mehta Vs Union of India and others in Hon'ble Supreme Court of India for felling of trees in a road widening project. Hon'bel apex court passed an order on 04.08.2014 in this writ petition directing State Government to file a status report on the following points :-

In compliance of this order dated 04.08.2014, a compliance affidavit was filed on 28.10.2014. Hon'ble Court in its order dated 26.11.2014 directed Central Empowered Committee(CEC) to sbmit filed inspection report of plantations carried out in compliance of various orders of the Hon'ble Court. CEC carried out field inspection report on 7 and 8 th February, 2015. State Government filed another additional affidavit on 27.02.2015. The CEC submitted its fied inspection report in the Hon'ble Court on 05.03.2015. The Court in its order dated 09.03.2015 passed an order

In the circumstances, therefore, and before we pass any further orders on this subject, we deem it fit to give one more opportunity to the State Government to come clean on all these aspects and to file not only the requisite particulars as indicated earlier but also its future plan/road map for implementing the directions of this Court

The State of Uttar Pradesh vide its letter no 791/14-02-2015-32 G/2015 dated 21.03.2015 directed PCCF, UP to prepare a future plan / road map. The State Government also constituted another committee vide its letter no 793/14-02-2015-32G /2015 dated 21.03.2015 to identify land for plantation in compliance of Hon'ble Supreme Court of India.

The order dated 08.05.2015

The State of Uttar Pradesh filed an affidavit on 24.04.2014 . The Hon'ble Supreme Court of India accepted the road map submitted by the state and passed the following order dated 08.05.2015 :-

learned counsel appearing for the CEC that further progress on the proposed afforestation projects set out in the affidavit in the documents enclosed therewith should be properly monitored and that a direction could be issued to the Chief Secretary, State of U.P. to submit quarterly progress reports. It was further submitted that the Regional Office, MOEF Lucknow could also be directed to associate with and monitor the progress made in the implementation of the proposed project

In addition we direct the Additional/ Principal Chief Conservator Forest Central), Regional Office, MoEF, CC, Lucknow shall be free to associate himself with the process of afforestation and monitor the steps taken and to submit a report as to the progress made to this Court every quarter

We hope and trust that the State Government will take suitable steps in that direction and also submit an affidavit by the next date as to the measures adopted to encourage participation of the local residents of the area including school children with the on-going afforestation effort

We do not for the present see any reason to disbelieve the affidavit filed on behalf of the State Government that it has a comprehensive plan for carrying out the afforestation work in the districts mentioned earlier. We also see no reason to disbelieve the statement made at the Bar by learned Advocate General that by the end of August, 2015 at least 6 lakhs saplings shall be planted in the districts identified for the purpose. This would include proper identification of the area for such afforestation and irrigation and watering arrangements for the trees to prevent mortality

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